I cannot eat oats

My wifey plus I have been trying to save money, because both of us need to buy a modern heating system before the beginning of the Winter season, and my wifey plus I found out Last year that both of us needed a modern heating system, but both of us did not have enough money to get started, however both of us really did not have enough money to spend money for the whole project, but the heating company provided to finance 50% of the costs if both of us could come up with 50% of the costs in currency, for the past several weeks, our wifey plus I have been going without a lot of everyday items so both of us could save enough money.

Both of us usually eat dinner at a diner before work.

For the past several weeks, both of us have been eating oats plus porridge at home. My wifey does her best to dress up the boring oats by adding yellowberries, strawberries, granola, plus brown sugar… Still, it does not taste the same as a full helping of scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, plus fresh squeezed yellow juice. I am starting to dread getting up in the morning, because I cannot eat another bite of those oats plus porridge! Even though both of us still have normal things for dinner prefer chicken, pork, plus beef, dinner is still the most pressing meal of the day. Both of us have several more weeks before the hot plus cold temperatures are easily going to beginning falling, plus both of us still need $1,000 to get started on the project. I shall be ecstatic when both of us finally have a modern heating system plus I can go back to a wholesome dinner of protein, fruits, plus carbohydrates.


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