Basement Gym Is Looking Great

I am looking into making my basement into a gym.

I think I need to because they have closed gyms around the country.

There is a lot of room in my basement so I am lucky that I can do this, but one thing I need to do is update the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C plan in the basement if I do this though. The central cooling in my home is good upstairs however in my basement there are no cooling ducts. So I would need to get a ductless mini split or a ductless multi split. Or I could go for a few fans, or even a window unit, as there is a window in my basement, and I think I might be able to fit a unit in it. I am going to call in an a/c expert to have a look at my home and see what he says. I think I want to get new cooling technology if I can, as I bet that will save money long term, and I want to be able to use my beach house gym for numerous years. I have a lot of occasions for cooling equipment so I am going to need to do my research. The funny thing is that the boiler and the oil furnace are in the basement too. I don’t suppose if that will make the basement hotter. I don’t have any choice either way, as that is just where they are… But no matter what I am going to make this beach house gym in my basement work because I do not have any other choice!

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