The floor is freezing

Eddie, Mike, Jason and I have been friends since the first grade. We’ve participated in everything together. We did the school play in middle school, played for the hockey team in high school, and now we’re going to play hockey together at the college we were all accepted into. We were beyond excited and couldn’t wait for the first day of practice. The first week we actually didn’t even get on the ice. It was a lot of paperwork, orientation of how we’re expected to perform and present ourselves, strict guidelines about maintaining our grades, and tips on how to stay healthy. This was all important information but I was ready to skate! On our first official day of practice, Eddie, Mike, Jason and I exceeded the coaching staffs expectations. We were outperforming everyone but after that first hour I noticed everyone was sweating a lot more than usual. We went to sit down and were still perspiring. We had the staff investigate and the air conditioning wasn’t working in the entire building! We immediately panicked because we thought the ice would melt. They contacted the contracted HVAC technician and he assured us that the ice would never melt. Underneath the floor of the majority of arenas is like a refrigeration system that produces deionized water. It’s totally separate from the cooling system of the building and is designed to keep the floor freezing. He told us that if we turned up the heating for days, the ice wouldn’t even sweat. After playing hockey for five years, I never knew that, but it would be nice to have the AC working while at practice.

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