I hope everybody can get through this nightmare

Something that has me really depressed right now is this coronavirus outbreak.

They have shut down everything, and I mean everything.

The schools, NBA, NHL, churches, soccer leagues, baseball leagues; all shut down. They even say not to travel unless it is absolutely necessary and I feel completely at a loss. I feel like I want to get out of here and do something, but then I worry like what happens if I get this terrible sickness? The good news is that I work from home, but I am really concerned about making sure my HVAC system is working great through this ordeal. If, heaven forbid, I get quarantined to my home, I want to make sure my cooling system is working great. So I will be calling the HVAC company soon to have them perform the work to my HVAC system. I want to have the ductwork cleaned for improved air quality and better circulation. I want to have a proper tune-up to the HVAC and I want to get a pack of quality air filters. I also am thinking about getting one of those smart thermostats. If I do end up getting terribly sick and I am confined to my bed, I want to be able to adjust the temperature control settings remotely. I am already stocked up with a lot of Vitamin C, Elderberry, food storage, water storage, and a reasonable amount of toilet paper. I think it’s insane how everything is flying off the shelves at all the stores and I see that they are finally limiting the amount of items customers are allowed to buy. I really hope this thing just passes sooner than later and all my loved ones are okay.



a/c care plan