Prefer the convenience of my heating/cooling system over camping

My boyfriend, Stanley is an outdoorsman.

At every opportunity, he packs up his gear and heads out on a hiking and camping adventure.

He is just delighted to sleep in a bag on the ground, catch his dinner in a stream and cook over an open flame. He is constantly trying to get me to join him on these excursions. My idea of an adventure is room service in a five star hotel. I don’t like heat, humidity, rain, cold, bugs or going without modern luxuries. I’ve gone to great expense and effort to make my home as comfortable and convenient as possible. Along with flushing toilets, hot shower, dishwasher and coffee maker, I have installed a state-of-the-art heating and cooling system. My furnace and central air conditioner are less than three years old. I bought top-of-the-line models and am still making payments on them. Rather than sleep in a tent and be at the weather’s mercy, I would like to enjoy what my hard-earned money has bought. The heating and cooling system feature adaptable speed technology, which means that it adjusts capacity to maintain a very even temperature at all times. I also have zone control, allowing me to customize the comfort level of each room individually. The whole system is managed through a smart thermostat that connects to my smartphone. With a tap of my finger, I can raise or lower the thermostat, adjust fan speed, regulate humidity and even set up a program. I am willing to go walk around in the woods and appreciate nature for a few hours. However, once the sun starts to set, I want to go home and sleep in my own bed.


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