The boiler turned out to be good

When my husband and I moved into our forever home I burst into tears.

  • We got the home for a deal.

There was cat fur all over the floors and stuck to the ceiling. There was a closet that contained literal garbage in it. The walls were falling down and the floors were coming up. Every room in the house was a mess. The two of us literally wrote down a list of things we needed to fix up in order to make the place liveable. One of the last things on the list was to get rid of the giant boiler system in our basement. The boiler took up the entire basement, was rusty and I just hated it. It took a few months to clean the house to the level I was happy with. It took a couple of years to get the walls replaced, floors redone and new appliances put in. By the time everything upstairs was finished and we had the money, my husband and I had relied on the boiler system for years. The boiler was a surprisingly good heater. I never called for heating maintenance, service or repairs. That big heating system reliably heated the house all winter long. The two of us decided to leave it in the house until it died. It took about ten years before it just one day would not turn back on. What a peaceful way to go right? Now I have a gas fireplace in the home and it is not half as good as my boiler.


furnace/heater tune-up