Installing hydronic heating and not sure if we like it

My wife and I are slowly redoing all the floors in our house.

  • Since we have a boiler in our basement, it made sense to look into hydronic heating.

As you install new flooring, you can put piping within them. The pipes hook to the boiler and the boiler heats water that goes into the pipes. You then have hot water flowing around in the floors to make hydronic heating. It is said to be super efficient since no heat rises and there are no cold spots. The heater makes no sound and no dusty air is stirred up in production. However, installing the radiant heater is quite expensive. So my wife and I have decided to take it one step at a time. We wanted to go room by room to see if we liked the heater. We thought certain rooms could have hydronic heating and the rest would rely just on the boiler. Well we were stupid and picked the kitchen as getting hydronic heating. We thought that we use the kitchen a lot and heating would be good. With the stove, burners and heat from the food, heating is not appreciated. The heated floors make your feet sweat and the meal prep is now awful. We really regret having heated floors in the room. Now we don’t know what to do about the rest of the rooms. Heated flooring did not really get a fair showing. We don’t know if we actually hate the hydronic heating or if it is just a bad room to have it in. But do we try another room and potentially hate it again?

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