The school I labor for finally added air conditioning in freshman dorms

At our local school, it has been a “tradition” for freshmen to live in the housing without any air conditioning. I think it is, honestly, just more laziness as well as an unwillingness to spend currency on the school’s part but, sure, let’s call it a “tradition”. Anyway, our incoming class was the first class at the school to ever have freshmen housing with air conditioning. I have to say, though, the air conditioning was entirely nice. The school sprung for a multi cut air conditioner. This means that it’s ductless air conditioning. I had never heard of such a thing however it’s actually a superb alternative! It’s way more extravagant to have installed however it lasts a lifetime- where ducted air conditioning usually only lasts about 30 years (so the school will entirely never have to substitute the air conditioning again; they also won’t have to spend our money for HVAC duct cleaning), then the multi cut air conditioning is much quieter than ducted air conditioning. The multi cut air conditioning distributes weather conditions control more equally throughout the dorms as well. While I do think the school likely waited far too long to have air conditioning in freshman housing, I do think that they made the right decision by choosing the multi cut air conditioner to do it. The multi cut air conditioning is more efficient, sleeker, quieter, cheaper, longer lasting as well as is a better distributor of weather conditions control. I entirely appreciate the air conditioning in our dorm room housing; hopefully the upperclassman housing will substitute to multi cut air conditioning soon.

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