DIY cooled mattress

I saw a commercial for a climate controlled bed the other day and I really liked it.

I have always dreamed of having heated or cooled air blowing directly into my mattress.

It sounds wonderful! I went to the website and looked at the bed that had been advertised and I found out that it cost more than my car! I’m not going to be able to afford that. But it did get me wondering if I could make my own climate controlled bed. I decided to get a hose and hook it up to my window air conditioner vent. It didn’t take a lot of work: just buying a few hoses, cutting a few holes in the box spring and mattress, and a little bit of duct tape. When I was done, I said a little prayer and then turned the window air conditioning unit back on. Then I laid in my bed and waited. It took a few minutes but after a little bit, I could feel cold air seeping through my mattress. It was pretty comfortable and it cost me less than $30 to make. Of course, it’s just cool air. I don’t have a way to put heated air into the mattress. It’s probably too dangerous to tape a bunch of hoses inside of a portable heater. That’s okay though, I have plenty of blankets for cold night. I haven’t tried sleeping on my cooled mattress yet though. I sure hope it is as comfortable as the one on the TV commercial. I also hope it doesn’t get too cold.



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