Church needs a new heater

Our old church had a lot of un-Christian things going on.

The constant gossip was a single of the major issues we had with the church, finally, we had had enough.

The people I was with and I decided to find a new church family. Finally, we made the choice to go to this little church outside of town. The congregation has under a hundred people plus we really care about the pastor. The congregation seems legitimately friendly plus I care about that the preacher is a female, and she doesn’t talk down to the congregation at all, instead, she talks with us as though we are all in this together. We’ve been going to this new church now for about 2 months. The only negative with the small church is it doesn’t have much currency. This seemed to be a concern when the gas furnace went out for the church building, but apparently a new gas furnace cost over $2,000. Collection was taken up but it still looks care about it’s going to be several months before the church could afford another heater; However, a single of the members of the congregation stepped forward. She owns a small heating plus air conditioner business plus she said she could get the gas furnace at cost for the church. She then asked if some of the congregation would help him install it so she would not have to pay her workers out of pocket, and everyone pulled together. The people I was with and I set up a weekend where we all came plus did our part. The people I was with and I installed the new gas furnace plus we also ended up fixing other small things that needed fixing in the church. There were so numerous volunteers, that the church was cleaned, flowers were planted, plus numerous other small things were done to get this church looking brand new again. Even better, we really got to know our new church family plus we care about them.

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