What a terrible experience to have your hair catch fire via propane heater

I think that a lot of people would appreciate having curly hair like mine, but it isn’t all that great when it is naturally dry & coarse.

  • I have to put a large amount of oil in my hair to get it to even seem like human hair & not a horse’s mane.

If my hair was not extremely dry & dull, I would not mind having curly hair quite as much! Because my hair is so dry & curly, it is truly unpredictable. I hardly ever wear my hair down because it never turns out the same way at all. It could look easily gorgeous one morning, & I do the same thing the next morning, & it looks plain awful. I tried wearing my hair down just last week, & I seriously regret it! You see, I have a propane heating system in my bedroom right now because it is seriously frosty here, & our gas furnace is having trouble keeping the lake residence up to temperature. I have several adolescents living with me right now, so I must make sure that the lake residence is sizzling enough. I decided to get the propane heating system because a friend told me that it would create a good amount of heat for a cheap price. It certainly does create a sizable amount of heat which is awesome, but it is sort of a pain to have to change the propane tanks. I go out of my way to make sure that none of the adolescents come near the propane heating machine, despite the fact that I have to change the tank on a regular basis. I bent over to turn the propane heating machine off just the other day, & I caught my hair on fire. It was the worst experience. I was so exasperated. I suppose that is what I get for making the choice to wear my hair down.

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