Changing air filters is a lot harder in a large building

There are a lot of people talking about air filters right now.

Since this virus has been going around making people sick, a lot more people seem very interested in making sure that the air that they are breathing is clean and fresh. Since your HVAC units directly influence the air that you are breathing, it is no surprise that people are paying more attention to their HVAC units than ever before. Also, a major health organization told people that they could prevent themselves from getting the virus by changing the air filters in their HVAC units, a lot of people have been doing it. There is a huge focus on HEPA air filters since these air filters are the best for making sure that nothing gets into your HVAC unit and eventually out into the air that you breathe. Even businesses that have been changing their air filters on the HVAC units regularly are calling HVAC companies and asking them to send HVAC technicians to change their air filters again. Now, for the common person, changing an air filter is very easy. Since people have an HVAC unit in their house, they only actually need to change one air filter in their house. However, I am an HVAC technician, and we have been receiving a lot of requests from major businesses to change the air filters in their business. Do you know how many air filters that could require? It takes forever to change the air filters on that many HVAC units, and they usually don’t put their furnaces in convenient locations.

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