My parents loved it

So my mother and father have lived in the same house since they first got married, over thirty years ago. They’ve raised myself and four other kids in that house, and used the building as a daycare center for our own kids, too. That old prairie school-style house has seen decades of daily wear and tear, yet it’s held up and retained most of its integrity. However, my parents often complain about how the house seems to struggle to heat the entire home. As well, the heat doesn’t have to try and balance out sub-zero weather. They live in the South, and while it gets cold where they live, it rarely drops below the thirties. So, they tasked me with finding a heating alternative that’s budget friendly, and also efficient at warming the house. Enter the implementation of radiant floor heating, a heating system that emits heat from cables laid under the floor. Since heat rises, having multiple first-level floors equipped with radiant heating is the best way to heat the house evenly. I told them about this idea, and my parents loved the sound of it! Still, being frugal as they are, they immediately asked about cost. I explained how the entire system has an upfront cost, but overall the system is far more efficient than a central heating plan that most houses have. They were hesitant, but ultimately I proved to be right – they had the equipment installed, and have been using it consistently for the past two years.

temperature control unit