Reducing humidity improves health as well as immune system

This would have devastating results on our respiratory health as well as immune system

It is for sure unusual being kept inside our beach house this much. Just a week ago, I was still going to the office as well as our husband still had a job. How hastily all that changed. It is staggering to even consider. But, I’m just thankful to have a perfectly Heating plus A/C controlled beach house to hunker down in as well as wait all this out. Both of us live in an area where the heat is a real massive deal. While it’s early Springtime in various places, our Heating plus A/C a/c is running through the day already. And, it will only get much worse. Thankfully, we have already gotten our Heating plus A/C tuned up as well as serviced. This is at least a detail that I can take off the budget considerations. There will be definite changes to our expenses over the next several weeks. The Heating plus A/C operating costs are a massive one. My husband even proposed that we just turn off the a/c until it gets wicked warm in mid August. It is a tempting idea but one that could harm the easily immune plan that we are trying to protect. The Heating plus A/C cooling does more than simply drop the temperature inside a structure. There is refrigerant that captures heat as well as then exhausts it outside. This is key because while cooler air is then introduced, the removal of warm air is vital. That is because it is also removing as well as thus balancing the humidity levels. Without the a/c being on, mold as well as other hazardous biological contaminants can get a foothold in the beach house as well as in the Heating plus A/C equipment. This would have devastating results on our respiratory health as well as immune system. So, the a/c has to stay on.


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