My propane fireplace started smoking

My propane fireplace started smoking a few days ago, & I have not used it since.

I have had a fear of that fireplace since both of us got it, & now, I am super afraid that it is going to beginning a fire in the house.

I don’t know what caused it to smoke, however I have my suspicions. I have a feeling that 1 of my children threw a toy or something else in the fireplace while I was not looking & it is melting. I imagine it is something with paper on it! Whatever is in there is smoking like crazy. I don’t believe that I will have the guts to turn it back on just in case I am wrong & it is something else. In the back of my head, I keep thinking that it could be something worse. I picture myself turning the fireplace back on & it blowing up. I know that may sound ridiculous, however I am just admitting what goes on in my head. I used my propane fireplace for several years, & I am not sad to stop using it. I will miss the extra heat that it put off, however I will not miss the exhausting smell that the propane fireplace put off. I know it was just the smell of propane. I must genuinely hate the smell of propane. It makes myself and others sick to my stomach. If I would have known how much I hate the smell of propane, I genuinely would not have gotten a propane fireplace. I know you live & you learn.

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