1950s Horror Movies

I feel sorry for today’s kids.

They do have YouTube, Facebook, and anime on large screen HDTVs, but something is missing.

Recently, my 10-year-old son had some friends over. I played a couple of “Three Stooges” episodes on my laptop and the boys ended up rolling on the floor in laughter at 80-year-old slapstick humor. The other thing kids don’t have today are those 1950s horror movies, often in black and white with monsters and lizard-like creatures emerging from an oozing slime. Critically, they rate among the worst movies ever made, but to 10-year-old boys in the 1960s, they were amazing. My theory is that whoever thought of those movies must have lived in houses where central HVAC systems were installed. During those hot summer days, the condensate from the HVAC unit would collect in a drip pan. Left unattended, algae growth would turn the pan and condensation line into that oozing mass of slime. A small lizard or a cockroach emerging from it may have been the producer’s inspiration for movies like “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” or “The Blob”. People quickly learned that a bit of bleach poured into the line would kill the algae and keep the lines clean. The other lesson learned is that a clean HVAC system is needed to keep algae, mold and other “alien” life forms out of your ductwork and the central unit. If you have a problem with algae or mold it might be related to your HVAC system. A call to a certified HVAC tech will be your first step to save you and your family from creatures lurking in your HVAC lagoon.

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