Ions and HVAC

There is yin and yang, there is dark and night, there is George Frazier and Muhammed Ali, alpha and omega, and of course there is male and female.

I suggest we add ions and their opposite cations to the “opposites list”.

The first reason is that the first five examples of opposites (except for the heavyweight fighters) are all romantic ideas of how one can’t exist without the other. I simply want to add one for us nerds who often come up short in the romance department. Ions are simply particles that have a negative charge and cations are particles that have a positive charge. It turns out that ions, just like nerds, are romantically starved and are attracted to anything with a positive charge to mate with its negative charge. But like some people who always choose the wrong lover, they often cannot find a “nice cation next door” to settle down with. Instead, they look for cations in the murky world of pollution, toxic chemicals, pollen, mold, pet dander, and other harmful chemicals in the air all carrying a positive charge. This is bad news for the ion as its fate is to be trapped to a dust particle in an HVAC system filter. But for humans, it cleans the air of all of those “bad characters” leaving a room full of fresh air perhaps conducive to your romantic escapades. Using an ionizer to fill your house with millions of lonely ions along with an HVAC system working at peak efficiency will not just put you in a better mood, it is essential for good health. Check with your HVAC professional and ask about the options with ionizers.


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