Installing An HVAC System In Our Inn Was Worth It!

My partner and I purchased a large two-story home in the heart of a historic southern town.

We got the home at a real deal because the owners were looking to move out of the area. After we bought the home, we started to turn it into a bed and breakfast. The home was very old and we made a lot of repairs both inside and out. We invested a handsome amount of money into the home to turn it into a glamorous inn. After fixing up the home, we realized that we were still depending on window AC units. Once we realized this, we had to make some changes. We talked about the matter with one another and decided to have an HVAC unit installed. This would allow us to provide heating and cooling to every room in the inn. Now, all we needed to do is find a local HVAC provider to handle the job. After calling around, we found an HVAC business that could begin installing the heating and cooling unit right away. Once we got a quote for the HVAC system, the installers arrived. They brought with them an HVAC technician who coordinated the installation. Once the work started, it didn’t take very long for our new heating and cooling unit to be put into place. After two days, the HVAC system was ready to be fired up. We were very excited to finally have an efficient way to heat and cool our bed and breakfast! After the job was done, we thanked the owner of the HVAC business and offered him and his wife a discount at our inn.

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