A Park Ranger Needs Her Air Conditioner

After landing my dream job as a park ranger, I moved into a cabin located inside of a state park.

Since I was new to the job, I didn’t know what to expect.

I was excited to be living inside of one of the most beautiful parks in the state. Moving day came quickly and I got settled inside my very cute little cabin. My first day as a park ranger was a very warm one. After working all day, it was finally time to go home to my cabin. When I walked inside the cabin, it seemed a little warm. I made dinner and the cabin got even hotter. After the cabin got very hot, I walked outside and checked the HVAC unit. It was not running and the air conditioner seemed to have some ice on one of the lines coming out of the HVAC unit. I called the park office and they contacted a local HVAC provider. The company sent out an HVAC technician to try and figure out my cooling problem. When the HVAC guy arrived, he inspected the unit and knew right away what was wrong with it. He told me the heating and cooling system was low on Freon. This is what caused one of the HVAC lines to freeze up. After putting in a good amount of Freon, the air conditioner started working properly. The HVAC technician gave me his card and told me if anything else went wrong to give him a call. I was very happy that the HVAC provider sent out someone that could handle my air conditioner repair so quickly!

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