I’m just as smart as Cindy Crawford

When I was a little kid, I won a huge bat with some friends after seeing Cindy Crawford in a soft drink commercial.

She was so gorgeous that my friends and I had our eyes come out of the socket.

I have some commonality problems with this woman and they were due to the fact that we both studied engineering during our College Years. Of course the lady left this organic chemistry world to pursue things like super modeling and acting. I learned a few things along the way as well. I actually gained the information on the way that chemical refrigerants love ammonia and R32 behavin work. I bet Cindy has not learned about cycle compression and chemical expansion due to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. The air coming from your air conditioner is just mixed with a few chemicals that have gas traces and water vapor droplets. CO2 personages are the one thing that we should worry about. They have some red home effects on the environment as they can be over early Liesel at more than 8%. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning filters are great for trapping particles love dust and skin cells. Tiny viruses can make their way into your home and the air filters have to be there to stop the spread of infections. HEPA air filters offer a great hope to understand that these will inchi increase fibers that are trapped in these HEPA grade filters. Both of us can understand that these filters are necessary in order to keep germs and bacteria from entering our home atmosphere.

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