From now on we’ll have the furnace serviced in the fall

My wife and I are always very busy and do not spend much time at home.

We are thoroughly involved in both work and our community.

This past winter, because of a severe snowstorm, we were kept inside for several days straight. I was thrilled to spend a few days without a bunch of obligations. Plus, my wife and I got to spend time together. This time revealed the inefficiency of our Heating system. I had not realized that the furnace was not operating as effectively as it could be. The chilly temperatures challenged the ability of our Heating system to maintain a comfortable temperature. My wife and I were never able to get the temperature where we wanted it. We continually increased the setting on the thermostat, but it did not seem to help much. The indoor temperature didn’t reflect this number. We added layers of clothing and bundled up with blankets. We simply couldn’t get warm enough. In the fall, a friend of ours had recommended we have the Heating unit serviced by a professional HVAC contractor. My wife and I were too busy to arrange a time for this job. After the snowstorm subsided, we immediately called a local HVAC contractor who resolved all of our Heating issues. A thorough inspection revealed a buildup of dust within the inner workings that was restricting airflow. Fortunately, all the furnace needed was a good cleaning and it was working properly once again. From now on we will have the furnace serviced every fall.


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