Upgrading HVAC system to include zoning

My husband’s home office is located in the warmest area of the house. The office provides an abundance of natural lighting. The sunshine pours through the big windows of the office. The drawback of my husband’s home office is the fact that it often gets overheated. My husband, trying to cool down his working space in order to be more productive and comfortable, would often lower our thermostat setting. Although I understood he wanted to be cool in his work area, this would lead to the rest of the house being too cold. The setting of the thermostat turned into \ a big battle between us. We then did some research, looking into how to solve our heating problem. I thought we could simply shut the vents in his office. This didn’t seem to help as much as I hoped it would. The heating system still ran non stop and the office was still overheated. Finally, we called a professional HVAC contractor to give us suggestions. Although the HVAC system was an older unit, the issues we were having required upgrading to a zoning system. The zoning upgrade was a good investment for our comfort and budget. With the addition of dampers installed into the duct system, we are now able to control the temperature in different areas of the house separately. This became the solution to my husband’s overheated office. While he was working upstairs, I was normally doing something downstairs. Now we have thermostats located in each zone and we can customize the temperature to our personal preferences. Plus, we no longer need to heat or cool unoccupied areas, which saves us money on our energy bills.

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