My Dad plus dad need to have their air ducts cleaned out

I was at our Dad plus dad’s apartment the other morning doing some cleaning for them.

They are getting on in years now, plus so once in a while I come over plus try to tackle a big cleaning or beach apartment improvement project for them.

This time, I decided that I was going to wipe all of the baseboards plus air vents in their apartment for them. This would include the air vents in the ceilings plus in the floors, plus the air registers. It was a larger job than you might think, honestly; My parents have a fairly big house, plus so with the Heating, Ventilation and A/C plan that they have, there are a lot of air vents plus air register covers throughout their more than one story house. They told myself and others that I undoubtedly didn’t need to wipe all the baseboards for them, but that they would prefer it if I would wipe the air registers. I got out the vacuum plus some cleaner plus a rag plus proceeded to start cleaning the baseboards… Whenever I would come to an air register, I would just suck the dust off the air vent covers with the vacuum plus transport on. Then I happened to notice that there was dirt plus debris caked inside one of the air vent covers. I couldn’t even dislodge it with the vacuum hose, and so I got a screwdriver plus took off the air vent cover. There was dirt, debris, plus a pile of leaves inside the air vent! At this point I knew that there was something going on with the ventilation plan in their house. I stopped what I was doing right then plus called our local Heating, Ventilation and A/C dealer. I made an appointment for them to come out plus do a thorough air duct cleaning.

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