Old fishing shack is in need of repairs

I bought a fishing shack over by the lake for a really inexpensive fee.

The guy was going to retire and move to the South to live with his daughter.

He wanted to find a buyer that would take care of the shot instead of tearing it down. A couple of people offered to make an offer on the shock, but they were going to tear it down and build something new. I thought the old place had some character, and I was ready to spend several months fixing it up. The first thing I did was fix the porch. It was in really bad shape. It was falling apart in a few different places and some of the boards were rotten. I spent three weeks fixing the porch, before I moved on to a new project. Now I am replacing all of the ductwork. There is a central HVAC unit, but every time I turn on the system it smells like dead fish and rotten socks. I called a company about the ventilation smell and they suggested cleaning all of the ductwork and sanitizing all of the surfaces. They quoted me an outrageous number for the work and I decided it would be much cheaper and easier to perform the cleaning on my own. I watched several online videos so I could be prepared. I purchased a few special tools to make the job easier. I spent a whole weekend cleaning and sanitizing as much of the ductwork as I could reach. I hope it will help get rid of some of those old odors.
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