Does anyone have an HVAC system for sale?

I can see why other people who flip homes are not interested in these older buildings

I am flipping a very old house. Flipping houses can be a very profitable process, but it sure can be a headache. I have been specific in flipping historic homes- most people don’t want to fool with historic homes, but this business model is working well for me. There are a huge number of things that need to be updated in the house before I can even think of reselling, but one of the biggest issues is the complete lack of an HVAC system. I have been in touch with my personal HVAC provider and the cost to install a new furnace and air conditioner in this home would be very expensive- outside of my current price range. Now, I could absolutely wait, take care of the other issues and purchase a new HVAC system toward the end of the summer. I think you can already hear my issue with that plan. No air conditioning until the END of the summer while I’m working inside of this old home to update it… Whew! I would really, really rather not do that. I can see why other people who flip homes are not interested in these older buildings. Here’s my question, and I hope you can help me out: Do you know of any HVAC systems for sale? Are there any estate sales or foreclosure auctions where there are furnaces and/or air conditioners for sale? Obviously, I am not looking for an HVAC system that is 30 years old and on its last legs. I would like to find a somewhat modern HVAC system for sale. Any suggestions?


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