What are your thoughts on radiant floor heating?

The furnace is relatively up to date with a great SEER rating.

My mother has recently purchased radiant floor heating for her home. She has always been cold, especially her feet, so the decision to purchase heated floors did not come as a surprise to me. I visited her for the first time since she installed the heated floors and they feel great! Maybe I inherited my mom’s cold feet or something because that radiant floor heating really felt extra nice to me! When I got back to my house, I called my HVAC provider to get an estimate on radiant floor heating. They told me they would need to know some additional information before giving me an estimate on radiant floor heating- measurements, amount of labor, etc. After an HVAC technician was sent out to get the information for the HVAC provider, they gave me an estimate that was pretty steep. Here’s the thing though, I really enjoyed the radiant floor heating at my mom’s house. I think heated floors would be a great option for me. Once installed, radiant floor heating cuts down on your heating cost and is a great energy saving solution. I have a furnace right now, and it works great. The furnace is relatively up to date with a great SEER rating. I don’t know if I ought to wait until it’s older or needs to be replaced or if I should just go ahead and get the radiant floor heating- have a hybrid heating system- and start saving on the monthly payments now. I would really appreciate your input. I’m just not sure if I should invest in radiant floor heating or not. What do you think?



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