Does anyone have an HVAC method for sale?

I am flipping a really seasoned house.

  • Flipping houses can be a really profitable process, but it sure can be a headache.

I have been particular in flipping historic homes- most people don’t want to fool with historic homes, but this supplier model is working well for me. There are a huge number of things that need to be replaced in the apartment before I can even know of reselling, but one of the biggest concerns is the complete lack of an HVAC system. I have been in touch with our personal HVAC provider as well as the cost to install a modern furnace as well as air conditioner in this beach house would be really high-priced- outside of our current price range. Now, I could really wait, take care of the other concerns as well as purchase a modern HVAC method toward the end of the summer. I know you can already hear our issue with that plan. No a/c until the END of the summer time while I’m working inside of this seasoned beach house to replace it.., whew! I would really, really rather not do that. I can see why other people who flip homes are not interested in these older buildings. Here’s our question, as well as I hope you can help me out: Do you guess of any HVAC systems for sale? Are there any estate sales or foreclosure auctions where there are gas furnaces and/or air conditioners for sale? Obviously, I am not looking for an HVAC method that is 30 years seasoned as well as on its last legs. I would appreciate to find a somewhat modern HVAC method for sale. Any suggestions?

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