In the printing room the most

I am an intern in a major office, but as an intern I do a lot of duties nobody absolutely wants to do, i get coffee & breakfastes.

I make iPhone calls & answer SMSs that are tedious.

I also do a lot of copying, breaking & printing tasks around the workspace; There are more than one other interns with me & they do not like doing anything printing related. Their point is that it makes them feel useless & they are not reading anything doing any printing tasks, however for me, I appreciate going into the printing room. I am reading, I guess how to work printing unit now. The office is so large that it has many printing machines. There is a DuoBlade-F Digital Sheet Label Die Cutter… When any major product requires a label, the two of us have a separate Quick Label machine create them & then the Die Cutter can shape them to unique requirements. There are also Epson Digital printers that can print any papers, copy, & even make labels too. All the unit has similar functions, but 1 unique function that sets it apart. I have a machine I appreciate to make my copies, 1 I like to cut the copies & the other 1 that perforates & laminates them. I have l acquired a lot about the unusual unit & how it operates. I have l acquired how much each machine costs & how to concernshoot in times of an emergency. I like getting away from the busy office setting & hearing the hum of the unit too. It is a way more relaxing environment.



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