My own place, my own fence

I grew up with my parents in the city, but always spent my summers out in the country with my grandparents on their estate.

Way back in the day, I have been told, the grounds were a center of the local economy, home to markets and traders and such. That was over a century ago, at this point the place is lucky to be standing! That said, I was still psyched to find out that I had inherited it, and started thinking about what I wanted to do with the land. The first thing I did was call in a local landscaping company for a total evaluation of the grounds, so I could see what my options were. I knew that good landscaping was essential to making the place look vibrant again, but I need some expert opinions. I actually got several opinions, and took bids for six different landscaping companies for who would do the work. The company I picked won out because of the vision they had, and also because they were a fence company that would give me the best price for all the fencing I needed. And bow howdy, I was going to need a couple of miles worth of commercial fencing. I decided to use two different kinds, and put chain link fencing up along the sides of the property, to keep out the local wildlife, and of course hikers and hunters. For the front I selected some aluminum security fencing, to provide an air of mystery to the place, and set it off with some security gates!

Fence Repair