My husband and I built a vacation home

We would not be able to enjoy our repurposed shipping container home without it.

My husband and I recently purchased some property. The area is beautiful, it literally looks like a fairytale setting. We looked at having a house built there but the costs were outrageous. Because it is so far out it would take a lot of extra money, manpower and equipment to have anything done. When we did some research, we found some information on shipping container homes. That sounded like a perfect solution! Shipping container homes are meant to be mobile constructions that can be placed anywhere. That was exactly the prefab solution we were looking for! We started looking for shipping container homes for sale and eventually found one with custom welding that made the prefab shipping container look like a little cottage-style home. Our prefab home is adorable and matches perfectly with that fairytale-like atmosphere of the property we recently purchased. I am so glad we looked into prefab solutions and repurposed shipping containers. We would not be able to enjoy our repurposed shipping container home without it. I’m not sure how we could have ever afforded to have a livable home in our grove without the use of a repurposed shipping container. It does sound a little strange but once you see our shipping container home with the custom welding, you’ll see exactly how perfect it is! If you are looking to build a home in a difficult area- or an area that you just don’t want to spend the money to build on- I encourage you to look into repurposed shipping containers. I assure you it’s not just a big shipping container placed in the middle of your property. Custom welding on these shipping container homes can make them perfect for whatever your needs are.

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