I fight against the abuse of police power with police brutality law

First of all, let me just say that I am very supportive of our local police.

I actually feel that police officers don’t get paid enough cash, & should be more valued by our actual community.

That said, I will disclose there are a few disappointing apples that deliver the rest of the “thin blue line” a disappointing rep. That’s why I do what I do for my profession, not because I don’t prefer cops, but because I actually like them! My mother was a police officer for roughly 33 years, so it really makes me miserable when a disappointing cop makes all the great ones look disappointing with all sorts of illegal behavior. I started my career as a personal injury lawyer, & that was just great for a few years, but then I actually decided to hone & specialize my skills. I became one of the first local attorneys to specialize in police misconduct, & started taking patrons as a police brutality lawyer. Once again, I wasn’t trying to get after police for not being nice, or writing speeding tickets, police brutality lawyers are backers for the most victimized of people, & protect us all from the abuse of power. Police misconduct lawyers are easily known for looking at the entire career profile of an accused officer to look for specific patterns of behavior. I do the same thing pretty much, but for a greater reason: if there has been a history of police brutality lawsuits in a particular area, after that I can sue the entire police district. People can’t easily fight back against the police, & that is why police brutality lawyers like me are so important nowadays.



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