He has helped me run better

I recently got a certified fitness expert to help me with my jogging. For years I have attempted running for a work out. Everytime I ran I got a terrible cramp in my side. I disliked running through the pain or taking breaks to let it go away. Even if I could run without the cramp, I was terribly slow. I went around 10 minute miles no matter what I tried to do. I figured I was doing something huge and personal training might fix my issues. The certified fitness expert who works with me is so great. I am so much more skilled at running now. The largest thing the trainer had seen was my strides when I ran. A big stride is when the runner extends from hip all the way to their toes. The entire leg should stretch plus dig into the turf in front of you. My legs were only pulling from the knee down. I secondly kept my arms too bent, shoulders hunched over plus my breathing was not right. After my form was changed, I am so much more confident at running. I don’t get all over body cramps anymore with my new form. I also feel better when I go for a run. I am not any faster right now, however all of us have not been working for speed just yet. The trainer has me going only in small steps. I tend to revert back to my tiny strides or slumped posture, and until this form turns into my normal nature, I don’t get to work on speed. At this point I don’t really care if I am slow, at least I am not in pain.
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