Couples fitness class with sister is fun

My sister signed up for couples fitness in a 6 month block with her boyfriend. I think they did a week together in class before they were no longer together. My sister loved the class so much that she bullied me into going with her. I was initially not happy for a few reasons. First, I did not want to be in a class of all loving couples with my older sister. Next, I am not a working out type of gal. I was worried about looking super out of shape plus being stuck for months doing something I did not like. Turns out I was worried for nothing. The class is fantastic and I love doing it each week. The couple portion of class means that my sister plus I do a lot of drills as a team. We toss a weighted medicine ball back and forth. We hold each other’s feet while the other crunches. We also help the other one stretch their body at the end of it all. It is unquestionably fun and I adore bickering back plus forth with my sister. The two of us love challenging the other one plus trying to do better at the exercises. We both assume all of us have lost some weight as well. A nice portion is that the personal training is a young, great looking man that all of us both want to chat up after class. I am thinking no way that guy would be interested in the two of us. He is nice eye candy for our class though. He is a good topic to talk about once we are done too.
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