Getting my Sunday work out

I work totally from my house off of my tablet.

  • I can set my own hours and workload too.

I choose to keep a pretty strict schedule. I like working Saturday through Monday plus I start at around 9 am. I work longer hours in the beginning of the week vs the end of the week. I love being finished by 4 plus having my Sunday off. Right after I am done with work is when I do my work out. 6 days a week I toil out plus I rotate what I do. I have a day of arms, legs, abs, biking, plus weight lifting. On Sunday I absolutely do a fitness course at the core progression near me. I love going anywhere I want on Sunday. During the week I am at home all day long. I work from home, workout at home, clean my house plus eat at my home. The weekend is where I get to see and talk to other people. Starting my day with a group fitness class is fun as well. The group class I have is run by a great fitness expert. The girl is knowledgeable, excited plus very fun. The class is mainly pushed towards cardio and stretching. We do a lot of drills with a jump rope, battle ropes or even get on treadmills for a portion. I love that I can go into class sort of knowing what to expect. I also love someone else making a choice for once. I get to just coast for an hour in class. Afterwards I then meet up with buddies plus have a fun Sunday.