The free fitness class is amazing

I have done 2 of my 4 classes that I get for free plus I just love it

I think I should be insulted. I recently got a gift card for a month’s worth of classes at the local gym for my birthday. The certificate will do a group fitness class once a week for an entire month, so a total of four classes. I have never expressed any interest in working out or seemed to be over my weight. Now I think maybe I look bad and never noticed. I hate to see a gift go to waste though. So I took the gift card plus decided to give the group fitness class a try. I now am hopeful that my friend gave the classes to me because they are fun, and not because I look bad. The personal trainer running the class is super hardcore. We start with what she says is a light warm up. The light warm up consists of 10 minutes straight of jumping rope. By the end of it I can hardly breathe plus I am tired. We then do some of the most intensive stretching of my life. After that is either legs, arms or ab work. The fitness expert has us do push ups, squat on a wobble board, do running drills, you name it. I feel like I am training to be a Navy Seal rather than doing a casual 1 hour fitness class. I have done 2 of my 4 classes that I get for free plus I just love it. I am for certain going to keep going to the gym plus doing the class. I love that I am losing weight, and I unquestionably am enjoying the actual class.


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