I don’t want this air conditioner

Every year, my brother talks to all the siblings and his wife about wanting to rent a cabin in the mountains for Thanksgiving. No one ever wants to do it, and so he never rents one. This year, however, he and his wife decided that even if no one wants to come, they are going to rent their little cabin in the mountains and get back to nature for the Thanksgiving holiday. The recently sent me a photo of the little cabin, and I must say it is charming. Charming, mind you, in the most primitive sense of the word. This cabin is rugged. It does not even have central heating and cooling. In fact, I do not know if it has air conditioning of any sort. What I do know is that the little cabin in the mountains is heated by only a wood stove! How rustic! I am not sure how well a wood stove works as a heater, and I am also not sure if the wood stove is also used for cooking. I have always owned homes with fireplaces in them, so I am used to fireplaces, and I know for sure that a fireplace is a very inefficient heater. If you want a fireplace to keep you warm, you have to sit right up close to it. I usually have to fight the dog for the best spot! So, I don’t know about this whole Thanksgiving in the mountains thing. I think I might just need a more modern space for my feast.