Trying to get toned arms

Ladies are more lower body oriented. A gal working out vs a man is totally different. It is not unusual for a man to only hit the weight lifting portion of the gym. They want to target back, shoulder and their arm muscles. They then totally don’t do legs and butt all together. Women tend to work basically on their body to lose weight. You see a lot of ladies on treadmills, elliptical plus spin bikes. If they do decide on any weight training, it is all lower body focused. I try to be more level in my fitness. I make it my goal to do arm heavy workouts at least 2 times a week. One day I handle all my arm drills. I make myself do push ups, plank positions plus I lift free weights. The other day I will go to a gym that offers personal training. I hire a personal trainer once a week to handle my arm workouts. The man typically has me do something totally different each week too. I never end up just lifting weights for the class. I have used poles, battle ropes and even used medicine balls before. Sometimes I do handstand positions or throw punches in the air holding free weights. The personal trainer finds interesting, recognizable ways to help my arm muscles. I like it that I am almost being tricked into doing arms. I also love seeing the results quickly. My arms look better than ever because I have kept up with that class.


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