The stove is on

It seems like my sister comes up with the same idea every year.  She wants us to all get together for a family holiday vacation. She tells us about the cottages she has found and how great they would be for the family to get together and spend the holidays as a family, in one of them.  No one ever wants to join in on the vacation, and she usually just drops the idea, It seems like she is getting used to giving up her idea because of everyone else, and this year, she has decided to rent the mountain cottage, even if no one else wants to join.  She sent me a picture of the cabin, and I have to admit that it really was nice. It had this primitive charm, but it didn’t have any kind of heating or air conditioning. I’m pretty sure that the only kind of heating system in place, is an old wood burning stove.  I don’t know if the wood burning stove would even be able to keep the place properly heated. The way she talked, the stove was not only for heating, but it was also the only way to cook our meals. I have been in cabins with fireplaces, and they are pretty nice, but they are only for heating.  The fireplace also has a limit as to how far it can reach to warm the place. If you get warm enough to be warm, then you are probably getting overheated. Two rooms away from the fireplace and you are shivery cold. If she could find someplace with a real furnace, I may just join her for the holidays.