We need more metal

My husband plus I were both entirely gleeful the other month to learn that our modern lake home has metal roofing.

I’ve regularly loved the look of this old material.

Also, I guess it can be entirely overpriced to have installed… My wonderful husband likes the fact that metal roofing tends to last a lot longer than more traditional roofing materials. However, the two of us had a horrific hail storm over the weekend plus now our metal roof has a bunch of nasty dings plus dents in it. It does not look entirely nice at all. Both of us were sincerely looking into replacing the metal roof pieces but that is going to cost many thousands of dollars. On a whim, I called up some roofing contractors and asked carefully if they would be able to restore our metal roof without fully replacing all of the metal pieces. They had to take a look at it, of course. But whenever they did, they informed us that they undoubtedly could come out and service the majority of our roof without replacing the metal. They can actually just pull the dent out, similar to the way dents are pulled out of an car that has been struck in an accident. The cost is a lot less overpriced than buying a whole modern metal roof would be, too. We hired the roofing contractors to restore the metal roof for us, plus the two of us were surprised when they were completely done within 3 mornings. Our roof looks as great and so does the bank account.


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