And poop fell from the ceiling

I was entirely unhappy when our roof started leaking while in last week’s storm.

I was even more unhappy when the water coming through the ceiling was filthy plus stank of sewage. I climbed up in the attic to assess the situation plus I found very quickly that there was a family of bats living in our attic. That explains the super bad stench. The storm was washing guano down through our ceiling. That really is so disgusting! The next miserable afternoon I called up a pest relocation service to come get rid of the stupid bats. the exterminator said that he could absolutely trap the bats plus put try to some mesh over our roof but that I entirely needed a roofer to come in and make a permanent fix, as well. He explained that the bats were getting into my home through a disfigured space of our roof. That easily explains the leak too. I had the exterminator go ahead plus remove the bats as he promised plus put up mesh so that they couldn’t get back in. Then I called up some nearby roofing contractors plus explained the situation to them. They actually said this sort of thing happens a lot. Anything that causes a small hole that bats can get into will lead to infestation. As more tiles fall off, the roofs finally begin leaking and the animals finally get discovered in their hiding place. I am still entirely freaked out about all those bats living in our attic. Not sure I’ll ever get over that.