Keep everyone safe during a maintenance appointment

I just watched a commercial on television that I was really happy to see. I know that you are thinking that no one likes to watch commercials but this one had an affect on me because it has to do with the HVAC industry. You see, our company has been deemed as an essential business as we offer repair and installation of heating and cooling along with air purification. In times like these many people are looking into ways to make the environment they live in healthier and we are busier than ever. We have made adjustments to our trucks and equipment and sterilize everything before it comes into your home or workspace. As a technician I wear protective clothing so I don’t spread germs in your area and this commercial stressed the importance of providing us with a safe environment too. The HVAC company asked consumers to make sure and clean the area where we would be working too. This means taking the time to sterilize the space and make sure that you as a homeowner are providing the same safety precautions for people you are having come into your home. I think this is a fair request as we are putting ourselves at risk by being out there every day too. I know that when you are in need of an HVAC or plumbing repair the last thing you are thinking of is cleaning the equipment but it is important to think of the person who is coming to your home. If the company you are hiring takes these extra steps then you should too.


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