A New House and A Cool New Hybrid HVAC System

My husband and I purchased some land in our hometown.

We bought a 3-acre lot inside of one of the best subdivisions in the area. On that land, we decided to build our dream home. After renting for 5 years, we felt it was time to have a place of our own to call home. After looking at several different blueprints, we chose a four-bedroom plan that had a large kitchen and living room. It took the contractor 3 months to build our home and the finishing touches were going into place. Our next move was to decide what type of heating and cooling unit to install. We did our research and decided to have a hybrid HVAC system installed in our new home. The new HVAC unit would be able to switch between a furnace and a heat pump. This would give us a heating and cooling system that would be highly efficient. After contacting a local HVAC provider, we determined the cost of our new unit. After agreeing on a price, the cooling and heating provider went to work. After 3 days, the hybrid HVAC system was installed. Before the local contractor left, his HVAC technician showed my wife and I how the system works. It has been three years now and our air conditioner is working like brand new. So far we have never had an issue with the HVAC system. We have saved a ton of money on our power bill, thanks to our very smart central conditioning unit!


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