Clean Air Ducts Improved My Quality of Living

Late last Spring, I started having drastic dust sensitivity complications.

I went to my medical professional plus found out that I had a major sinus infection.

After taking my prescribed medication, things got better. However, a month after taking the meds, I noticed I was starting to sneeze again. This was particularly troubling to me. I never go outside plus I keep my windows closed. Life was getting pretty exhausting for me plus I did not suppose where to turn. I spoke with my medical professional once again about my dust sensitivity complications. She suggested that my complications may be coming from inside of my home. My medical professional told me that I should have my air conditioner ducts cleaned. She said, many people find relief after hiring a duct cleaning service. The next day, I contacted an indoor comfort company in my area. They offered me a quote on duct cleaning which was particularly affordable. A team of Heating & A/C workers came to my house the following week. They set up their device plus started cleaning my ducts. After the heating plus cooling professionals were done, they showed me all the dust that came out of my duct work. I was shocked however thankful the Heating & A/C contractor was able to rid my house of these nasty allergens! The Heating & A/C worker also reminded me that I should constantly replace the air filter inside my return at least once a month. Doing so would help keep the ducts clean longer. Since I had my ducts cleaned, my dust sensitivity problem has gone away. Now that my indoor air conditions has improved, my life is much better.


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