Can I afford this home?

I’m tired of my sister trying to coerce us all into going to her mountain cabin for the holidays.  We all know that her cabin is nothing more than a rundown old shack. The fireplace that she boasts is just a smoke hazard and we barely get enough heat for the living room, let alone the rest of the house.  There has never been any air conditioning, unless you are talking about the cracks between the boards in the walls. To me, that is not air conditioning, but just a welcome to have some bugs come inside. When she says it is a primitive setting, she also adds that it is a bit rustic.  What it is, is a rundown old shack, as I said before. I told her that unless she can find something that has heating and air conditioning and is safe for all of us to visit, I will not come to her place for the holidays. My own home has a fireplace, so it isn’t just the fireplace, but it is the fact the fireplace in this shack is not just for heating, but for cooking.  I always feel like I have been sleeping in a smokehouse till I walk out of there. If she owned the place, that would be one thing, but she rents it every year. I think she should quit renting this place and wait and get something with heating and air conditioning. I also prefer my ventilation to be man made and not from the crack in the wall. That’s just my way of thinking.

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