Constantly maintaining a/c system due to company

In my home, I have a perfect heating and cooling system.

  • People always compliment how nice it feels inside my home, always not too cold or too warm, just right.

I happily take these compliments, as it reminds me why I need to continue updating my heating and cooling system. While I really like having an updated HVAC unit, I could honestly take it or leave it. Why do I constantly work to make it perfect? Because of my business, I have constant company over, and I want to make a good impression by having a perfect home. From the decorations down to the temperature in my home, every single detail matters to me. Temperature is especially important when you have company that comes by frequently, and by making your home feel great, it makes people more likely to stay. Otherwise, if I didn’t have so many people coming over, I would downgrade my air conditioning system and get a smaller one, perhaps even move into a smaller home. But that won’t be for a long time, probably not until retirement. Till then, it’s having a HVAC professional over at my house every 6 months or so, sometimes even sooner than that, depending on what I decide needs to be looked at. I also like to try and upgrade my HVAC units as often as possible, to ensure the best quality heating and cooling for my guests. Speaking of company, I have a few guests coming over later today, so I better go and check on my cooling system and make sure everything is working properly.



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