Where we used to spend our time

My brother has this thing about the whole family getting together for the holidays.  I don’t mind going to mom and dad’s for the holidays, but we are all scattered around the country.  He thinks we should find one central place for all of us and spend an entire week over the holidays and celebrate together.  The thing is that he is central between the entire family, and none of us like his choice of where to gather. He says his house isn’t large enough and every year he comes up with these odd places to stay.  Usually they are some kind of cabin that is close to a ski resort, because that is what he likes to do. The last couple of years, no one went with him. He came up with this cabin that he was raving about. I wanted to see pictures and so did my sister.  There wasn’t even a furnace in the cabin. There was nothing more than a fireplace that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in a decade. There was nothing to cook on, but that old fireplace. I asked about the furnace, and he asked me who needed a furnace when you had a rustic old fireplace like that.  I told him that I needed a furnace and apparently so did everyone else. If we are going to go someplace to spend our holidays, I appreciate the mountain scene with the snow, but I want to be comfortable, and I want to have a furnace. I would like to have a room for every family, yes, but mostly I want good heating which comes in the form of a furnace.

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