Mitigating health hazards with good air filtration and purification

I don’t think there is person who has not been effected by the coronavirus.

  • It has hit close to home for me as I have watched as it just ravaged my brother in law.

And, this guy is really healthy. We’re only a year or two apart and he is in far better shape than I am. Seeing this has made me so vigilant about social distancing and staying inside the HVAC comfort of my home. However, I also want to be doing what I can to help mitigate the chances that my immune system will be undermined. The truth is that I haven’t really ever considered my overall immune health. Being healthy for me has been about making better diet choices and getting my butt exercising. But our current circumstances have changed the way I am understanding how to better strengthen my immune system. The fact that our indoor air quality has so much to do with our immune health was news to me. It is also just common sense that the purity of the air I breathe has dramatic effects on my immune system. The first thing to go was the old HVAC air filter. That thing was designed with protecting the HVAC equipment in mind. It wasn’t designed to protect my health. The HEPA type filters remove nearly all the hazardous airborne contaminants from our air. However, when I am able, there will be a whole house air purifier installed in this house. I want that UV light driven technology in my HVAC air handler killing all the biological hazards in my indoor air.



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