I’m certain my parents won’t be home

It seems like I have heard the same thing every year, for the last five years.  My brother goes ahead and makes a reservation at a mountain cabin and plans for the entire family to join him for the holidays.  You would think that by now, he would understand that no one wants to go to this cabin with him. This year however, instead of asking us all, he went ahead and made the reservations and then he asked us.  This isn’t the first time he has done this, but it is the first time he has done a nonrefundable deposit. I guess he and his wife have decided that they are going to this cabin whether the rest of us show up or not.  I have to admit that the cabin they rented this year has a very rustic appeal. It is only an appeal, and it is rustic in every form of the work, right down to being absolutely primitive. There is only a small fireplace in the one room building, and it is meant to be cooked in and used for heating.  There isn’t even an indoor bathroom, so I can only imagine what the hot water is like, if there is even a hot water heater. He said that there wasn’t any electricity, so the hot water heater is more than likely non existent. I’m not sure when he’ll get the hint, but I’m pretty certain that my parents won’t be there, and I’m sure I won’t be there.  I don’t go anywhere unless I have HVAC to keep me comfortable.

heat and AC