I got an air purification system for my kid's room

I got an air purification system for my son’s room, plus I can’t wait until it arrives, then i have 3 air purification systems already, even though I don’t know that the 1s that I have are enough; All of us have a undoubtedly big home, plus I want to make sure that the air is as clean as possible in my entire house.

I just had my sweet baby girl a few weeks ago, plus she is about ready to transfer into her own kitchen, so I want an air purification system in there for him, but she has been sleeping in our kitchen for the past few weeks, plus every one of us have an air purification system in our kitchen, so I was not too concerned about it until I decided it was time to transfer the little woman to her own room.

I am gleeful to hopefully get some more rest. She only wakes up once or twice a night now, even though she is a entirely loud sleeper, plus I find myself waking up several times a night thinking that she is awake, but it ends up just being him snoring or making cute baby sounds in her sleep, however even though it is nice to have him right next to me, it will be nice to have him in her own room so that I can get some more sleep. I am starting to know that I may have permanent bags under my eyes from lack of sleep. Her air purification system is supposed to arrive tomorrow, so if it arrives on time, I will transfer him into her room. I don’t want him in there separate from an air purification system.
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