Living like my papa

Last night my unit stopped laboring.I don’t know the reason why and I haven’t been able to get it back and running even after doing everything within my power, but while I am harshly exasperated with this current situation I am still finding humor in this situation, but only a few weeks ago I was back in my hometown visiting my Grandfather and had a absolutely long and interesting conversation about his life growing up in the south seventy years ago… He went on to tell myself and others all sorts of interesting stories, but the 1 that I found the most interesting was the 1 where he talked about the way he stayed cooled off while all of us were in the summer; Back in those afternoons modern Heating and A/C systems were not yet a thing found in most houses.

My Grandfather didn’t even experience until he headed off to college when he was eighteen, and initially it was such a unusual concept to him that he didn’t even want to have an unit in his house; Thinking about my Grandfather’s mindset all the way back then and considering that I am currently the age he was in the story I can’t help but think a little entitled and silly… I have only been without for less than twelve hours and I am already feeling like I am not going to make it.

I believe after reading his story I have no room to whine or complain about my Heating and A/C problem, the only thing left to do is wait for the Heating and A/C repair tech to show up in a few afternoons as scheduled.
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